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Shore 'Nuff' combines the lead talents of Al and Ken "The Fish” along with the rock solid rhythm section of Scott and Nestor. With a focus on entertainment, Shore ‘Nuff’s musicianship allows them to cover any genre of music the crowd wants to hear!


Vocals/Acoustic Guitar - Al
A dynamic front man, Al keeps the crowd rocking with his soaring vocals, covering without effort bands such as Led Zeppelin, Bruno Mars and Journey. Al is the center of the party, leading sing-alongs from high atop a chair or the bar, dancing with the crowd and taking the show throughout the venue with his wireless mic. 


Guitar - Ken "The Fish"
"The Fish" is the perfect guitarist for the gig, his playing style is an equal balance of sweet rhythm guitar and searing lead lines. Fish's classic Marshall rig is the sweetest tone you've heard, stripped down, simple and music to the ears.


Bass - Scott
Scott Rocks the bottom line, keeping the music pumping in the subs. His 5 string assault on low frequencies fills up the club, with tasty bass lines to keep this 4 piece sounding like much more!


Drums - Nestor
Nestor is the master time keeper, always animated, ever the showman, Nestor is a joy to watch and listen to and just about steals the show. From rock solid grooves to complex rhythms Nestor covers it all. A walking human jukebox, he's always ready to play anything in any style from Country to Hard Rock.




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